Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza


Ceramic has always been used to make objects with the aim of fulfilling precise functions; just think, among others, to the production of tableware by each civilization. In this case, the pursue has not been restricted to the essentiality of the function, but has reached an aesthetic objective, transcending the aim of a simple technical purpose.

Regarding the advanced ceramics, the fulfillment of a function is predominant and does not allow room for any aesthetic solutions. Often the object can have only a precise shape, because otherwise its functionality may result compromised. This is true especially with biomedical ceramics. As a matter of fact, in this sector, it is preferable to talk about components rather than objects; parts of our body are reproduced in an effort of total mimesis. Their apparent simplicity is the result of a complex research that crosses several fields of study and of a refined technology developed precisely for their production.

The purpose they aim to is not certainly innovative: examples of prosthesis made out of different materials can be found in several ancient civilizations, but with bioceramics the expression of our survival instinct has led, within the last decades, to great results.

Nowadays, research is moving to minimize the invasive surgical operation by designing more durable prostheses to limit the recurring of substitutions and revisions. On the other hand, the research is directing on the stimulation of the human body to regenerate itself.

Another important contribution is given by advanced ceramic based devices for diagnostic, medical therapies and surgical operation.

The observation of biomedical ceramics leads our attention to the perfection of our body and at the same time to its vulnerability. The quality of our life is widely affect by these tiny devices responsible of both some important functions of our body and of the working of advanced medical instrumentations.