Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza


From 4th March to 3rd June, at the museum in Faenza, it will be possible to admire a selection of the most suggestive decorative ceramic sculptures belonging to the historical manufacture in Turin

4 March - 3 June 2018


The exhibition at MIC Faenza (4th March – 3rd June 2018), devoted to the glorious Lenci Manufacture in Turin, has been curated by Valerio Terraroli and Claudia Casali, with the collaboration of Stefania Cretella and Maria Grazia Gargiulo.  It will show 150 works from the collection of Giuseppe and Gabriella Ferrero, the most important and rich collection devoted to the historical manufacture of Turin, together with some exemplars of the Essevi manufacture (that imitate Lenci style, founded in 1934 by Sandro Vacchetti, formerly an employee of Lenci), useful for a comparison.

Lenci manufacture was founded by Enrico Scavini and his wife Elena König Scavini in 1919 to produce dolls and in general toys, furniture and objects for children, but also a particular textile for furniture, tapestry and dolls, know as “pannolenci”.

In 1927 the firm added to their existing production a new line of glazed ceramics consisting in little figures and decorative objects, starting off, since 1928 to a rich catalogue of decorative sculpture, such as vases, boxes, ornaments made of slip-casting earthenware and painted that immediately represented a new trend for the Italian little and middle classes. In order to conquer a wide market, Lenci manufacture started creative collaborations with important artists from Turin, among them Sandro Vacchetti, Gigi Chessa, Mario Sturani, Abele Jacopi, Ines e Giovanni Grande, Felice Tosalli, but also the same property owner, Elena König Scavini, who designed the lucky series of the “Young ladies”: a female representation of the middle-classes of Turin of the Thirties.

The Lenci ceramics found inspiration in the contemporary fashion reviews, they narrated the taste of an epoch and of a society. The sculptures represented athletic or sensual women sometimes ironically alluring, actresses, but also romantic, pastoral and mythological scenes and comforting Madonna figures with babies. All these productions represented a society absorbed by the historical events of the fascist period, they were status symbols of this society. At the same time Lenci was an important industrial reality and represented an artistic adventure in synergy with the Viennese Wiener Werkstätte and the German and Danish porcelains.

The exhibition has been arranged thanks to the contribution of Emilia Romagna Region, with the patronage of Faenza Town.

The catalogue is edited by Silvana editoriale in Italian and English.


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4th March to 3rd June 2018

Curated by Valerio Terraroli and Claudia Casali

MIC - Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza, Viale Baccarini 19, Faenza

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