Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza


Our director Claudia Casali was in the jury

Thursday 05 August

The winners of the Latvian Martinsons Award 2021 have been selected. A prize pool of 20,000 euros is up for grabs. Claudia Casali, director of the MIC of Faenza, was in the jury made up of international ceramic experts and scholars.


Martinsons Award 2021 is the international juried exhibition of the 3rd Latvia Ceramics Biennale, featuring artists from 38 countries. Out of nearly five hundred applications, an international jury picked the top 120 works from Latvia and other countries worldwide. Over its three iterations, the exhibition has become a leading competitive event in the international ceramics domain with a truly global outreach and standing confirmed by the jury of experts and the great artistic quality of the featured works.

The Latvia Ceramics Biennale was instituted in 2016 and has always featured a dynamic series of events. Although it runs a little differently this year, without loud openings or vast public gatherings, the programme has retained its hallmark scale and quality. It stands a testament to the immense potential of Eastern and Northern Europe as regards contemporary ceramics and represents the ceramics domain worldwide as a field with the broadest and most incredible scope of opportunities. Alongside the habitual decorative objects and sculptural pieces, the exhibition also offers impressive spatial installations and performative works.


Gold Prize

AGNĖ ŠEMBERAITĖ (Lithuania) for “Mimicry”

DAINIS PUNDURS (Latvia) for “Plato’s Dream”


Silver Prize

MARTA PALMIERI (Italy) for “Cloud Mountain 2”

ELĪNA TITĀNE (Latvia) for “Drops”


Bronze Prize

BARNABÁS MÁDER (Hungary) for “Coronation Lace”

UNA GURA (Latvia) for “Mutual Harmony”


Commendation and special prize from Keramserviss Ltd.

LĪGA SKARIŅA (Latvia) for “Coastal Construction”



YURIY MUSATOV (Ukraine) for “Ancient Alien”

ATIS ŠNĒVELIS (Latvia) for “Dour”

ELEONORA PASTARE (Latvia) for “Untitled”



Claudia Casali (Italy), art historian, director of the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza.

Ilona Romule (Latvia), artist, board member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

Steve Mattison (UK), artist, international coordinator at the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemét, Hungary.

Arina Ailincai (Romania), artist, curator at the Cluj International Ceramics Biennale.

Kaspars Geiduks (Latvia), artist, MARTINSONS AWARD 2018 bronze winner.

Irina Razumovskaya (Russia/UK), artist, teacher at the London Royal College of Art.

Misun Rheem (South Korea), board member at Korea Craft & Culture Endowment Committee under the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; museum counsellor for the Seul Crafts Museum under Seul Metropolitan.

Valentīns Petjko (Latvia), artist, curator, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Ceramics;

Pille Kaleviste (Estonia), artist, curator.

Rūta Šipalytė (Lithuania), artist, MARTINSONS AWARD 2018 bronze winner.