Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

The Restoration Department

The Restoration Department was set up in the Eighties and makes use of a team of restorers all of whom are graduates of the Institute "Ballardini" in Faenza. It is entirely concerned with the restoration of any kind of ceramic material from terracotta to porcelain.

Te Department also carries out work on commission mainly on worksfrom other museum, but also on ceramics coming from archaelogical sites as well as works on display in the open air.

Among restoration carried out over recent years we can name the following:
the Chigi-Saracini collection eloning to the Monte dei Paschi Bank of Siena, Tuscany
the Pharmacy of the Novellara Jesuits collection
the "cold painted" terracotta statue of Sant'Antonio from Hermitage of Monte Paolo
the collections of the Museo Regionale of Umbrian Ceramics in Deruta
the collection of the future Ceramic Museum of Gubbio in Umbria
"cold painted" terracotta devotional plaques from the Capuchin Monastery of Faenza
lustre faience panels by Lucio Fontana for the Municipality of Albisola Marina
the porcelain of the Giuseppeucci Pharmacy Collection from Fabriano
contemporary works by Leoncillo, Antonia Campi and Louse Nevelson beloning to private collections.

In recent years the Museum has organized four session of Study Eorkshops in Ceramic Restoration, in collaboation with the Istituto d'Arte in Faenza along with up-dating courses for ceramic restorers:
1997 "Biodeterioration of Ceramic Materials"
1998 "Cleaning techniques applied to antique ceramics"
1999 "Pocelain Restoration"
2000 "First aid on site"
Furthermore a specific section dedicated to publications concerned with restoration has been set up within the prestigious Museum Library.