Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

UNESCO: MIC expression of ceramic art in the world

The International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza (MIC) thanks to its precious international ceramic heritage has been included in the “Monument testifying a culture of peace” following the UNESCO program of 2000 devoted to the Peace Culture.


The reward is:  MIC Expression of ceramic art in the world.


Marialuisa Stringa, President of the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and responsible for the Italian program “Monuments and sites testifying peace cultures” gave the following reason for the prize:

“considered the deep values testified by the MIC, not only concerning Art but also the development of strategies to stimulate the dialogue among the cultures of the world, we stated that the Museum constitutes a point of reference for ancient, modern, contemporary ceramics, both national and international. It is due to the presence of a great ceramic collection and to the exceptional documentation preserved in the Museum Library. We also considered the importance of a place where studious and artists from all over the world meet to deepen and stimulate their knowledge. It is meaningful that visitors can admire the dish created for the MIC by Picasso, decorated with the painting of a dove symbol of peace: the dove flight symbolically represents a hope for the future. Our acknowledgement is addressed to the MIC Faenza, expression of ceramic art in the world, for the pertinence of its cultural program to the UNESCO values, the significance of the intercultural dialogue it offers and for stimulating the meeting of people invited to build peace project”.


A fundamental element is represented by the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs that accepted the invitation of the past General Director of UNESCO Federico Mayor, who, on the occasion of the opening of the year devoted to the culture of peace, wished to evaluate art and natural sites testifying the culture of peace, thanks to their richness of values.