Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza


Guests from Höhr-Grenzhausen in Faenza

5 September - 5 October 2014

Art and Ceramics have so much in common, clay and crafts as well…
Faenza and Höhr-Grenzhausen, - the city of beautiful faϊence and the city of the finest German stoneware, both with a history of hundreds of years in working with clay, those two cities have so much in common that networking is not really work but a friendly contact – giving a hand in all kind of things….
So after the highly interesting presentation of ceramics from Faenza at the Keramikmuseum Westerwald in 2013 we can show now -, invited to come to the MIC, - a German presentation with artwork from Höhr-Grenzhausen.

Curated by Monika Gass this selected group of German artists not only shows their well fitting pieces from celadon to sculpture or print and painting techniques. The selection shows a high level of highly sophisticated ceramic objects, concepts and creativity with individual, typical ideas in a widespread field of artwork. You will find among this group prize winners of Rhineland Palatinate, German awards and those from Biennials and Conpetitions abroad.

This group of artists shows modern salt-glaze, finest celadon, pure porcelain and rough clay as well, delicate transparency and elegant wall pieces, highly sophisticated tableware as an art installation and those big and heavy objects out from a classic wood-firing will show the broad and international horizon which is at home in Höhr-Grenzhausen where about 40 studios still exist.

This exhibition in Faenza also offers a perfect mirror representing the high level of European art in ceramics, using porcelain and clay, stepping more and more out of the private workshops – hopping in galleries and museums as well. Form and shape, colour and structure, texture and technique, conceptual purism and playful animation – the artists working ceramics could finally get rid of all this dull, well behaving with clay and the demanding perfection and repetition…  

Visitors enjoy the “freelancers” in art, collectors love the “imperfect” personality of the one-of-a-kind modern ceramics – opening mind and heart, this way of artwork is waking us up, touching our soul and reminding us… by using hands and fingers and inspiration only – that this way of exploring ourselves came up with figurines of the most beautiful expression like the Venus figurines eg.

Bodo Korsig, an artist from Cologne has found a perfect expression:
He made a hudge form, shaped as a brain, out of metal / installed it on the wall / marking this expensive art-piece with the title: “Don´t follow me…”

We did not follow our brain but our heart when we choose clay and art as our profession!

We all from Höhr-Grenzhausen did not follow our brain but our heart when we came to Faenza with a warm and lovely dream: to meet friends here in Faenza, to connect and combine two friendly cities, to install cooperation within the two great museums…
We came to show our German way of ceramics and we would love to install once more a detail and a deeper connection in this growing European art and ceramics network.