In September, the “MIC for all” will be launched, a project for the teaching of ceramics at the Faenza museum aimed at the weaker categories such as the elderly, people with neurodegenerative diseases, Italian and foreign women in socio-economic difficulties, immigrants and the disabled. The project is financed by the Fondazione Banca del Monte e Cassa di Risparmio di Faenza.

“The key words of the next actions of the MIC will be ‘accessibility’ and ‘inclusion’. The Covid emergency has radically changed the approach to culture and the fruition of museums. Accepting the invitation from ICOM and IBC, we believe instead that the use in presence is essential to the realization of an inclusive and community education – explains Claudia Casali, director of the MIC – After careful exchange with the local realities and institutions, the Education Section of the MIC has proposed the Project ‘MIC for all’, with activities planned on a weekly basis aimed at various sectors and social groups of the local communities of our territory”.

The MIC, through the specially designed “Playing with ceramics” workshops, becomes the place where learning and a certain type of motor skill is stimulated, and at the same time, the space where sociality, comparison, meeting and aggregation between young people, the elderly, people with different cultures and disabilities is stimulated.

In addition to the workshops, the MIC offers guided tours to learn about different cultures and civilizations through its collections and when it is not possible to bring people to the Museum, as in the case of the elderly of the Protected Homes and ASPs, it will be our “Laboratory with Ceramics” to move to them with audiovisual, and all the necessary equipment, creating special paths and studied on the purposes and needs of those involved.

The first project is that of WAM!, “Anziano sarai tu!”, from 1st to 4th September, with activities conceived within the spaces of the MIC: a workshop of expressive movement open to all over 60s organized within the WAM Festival. The intergenerational dance project includes a course of 43 lessons.

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