At the Museum of Palazzo Doebbing in Sutri (VT) until April 18 the exhibition “Èthos: Keramikos 2022”, is held, it is curated by Vittorio Sgarbi with the collaboration of Francesca Pirozzi and sponsored by MIC.

The exhibition focuses on the territories of contemporary ceramic art in Italy and includes, alongside a selection of artists active in the field of clay sculpture – Rosana Antonelli, Tonina Cecchetti, Eraldo Chiucchiù, Mirco Denicolò, Ellen G., Luca Leandri, Massimo Luccioli, Mirna Manni, Riccardo Monachesi, Sabine Pagliarulo, Angela Palmarelli, Marta Palmieri, Fiorenza Pancino, Paolo Porelli, Attilio Quintili, Antonio Taschini, Mara van Wees – a space for comparison with more historicized artists – Clara Garesio, Nedda Guidi, Giuseppe Pirozzi and Aldo Rontini – whose research in the same field has represented a significant starting point for later experimentation.

Èthos is the theme/title of this edition of Keramikos. Originally, the Greek word èthos means “to inhabit a place” and therefore also implies a reference to local traditions and culture, thanks to which the character and the way of being of the person is formed. In philosophy and the social sciences èthos therefore indicates the norm of life, conviction and practical behavior of the individual and is the proper object of ethics. It can also mean “beginning”, as the will of a restart after the pandemic, “appearing”, as the visual-aesthetic connotation of the art object, “disposition” and from here also “character” or “temperament”, as the projection in the work of the artist’s state of mind and of his personal Weltanschauung (world conception).

Founded in 2007 with the intention of enhancing the ceramic as a medium of expression, the biennial exhibition of contemporary ceramic sculpture Keramikos testifies to the vitality of an ancient sculptural tradition and its increasingly assiduous and significant presence on the art scene. Since 2014, it has been conceived and organized by the Magazzini della Lupa Cultural Association, which over the years has contributed to spreading ceramic culture through exhibitions and publications.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with texts by Vittorio Sgarbi, Francesca Pirozzi and Lillo Di Mauro.

The exhibition has the patronage of the Lazio Region, the Province of Viterbo and the Municipality of Sutri, the MIC (International Museum of Ceramics) of Faenza, the AiCC (Italian Association of Ceramic Cities) and the magazine La Ceramica Moderna & Antica.

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