The journey to discover the consumption of wine and water through ceramics proposed by the exhibition “Gioia di Ber” continues at MIC in Faenza with the “Talk Gioia di Ber”. From February 8 through April 23, eight lectures given by the exhibition’s curators (and others) delve into the themes of the exhibition.

The first three appointments will be held live facebook and youtube for reasons of containment of the health emergency.



08/02/ – 16,30 – live facebook and youtube @micfaenza – Emanuela Panke: The link between the Ceramic Route and Iter Vitis, two cultural routes of the Council of Europe. A journey through time between vine and ceramics

15/02 – 4,30 PM – live facebook and youtube @micfaenza – Carlotta Trevisanello: Production and transport of wine in the Etruscan Po Delta

24/02 – 4.30pm – live facebook and youtube @micfaenza – Valentina Mazzotti: Wine and dinner table in Middle Ages and Renaissance


05/03 – 4pm – Anna Gamberini: From the Vineyard to the Dining Table: Wine Production and Trade in the Roman World

19/03 – 4pm – Giuseppe Sassatelli: Wine and Eros among Etruscans. Commonplaces and historical knowledge

26/03 – 4pm – Valentina Mazzotti: Wine in the Middle Ages between production and consumption

09/04 – 4 pm – Andrea Gaucci: Form is substance. Memory of the ancient in the contemporary production of ceramics for drinking

23/04 – 4pm – Daniela Lotta: The shape of drinking: the design of wine and water containers in the 20th – 21st century

Free Admission. Super Green Pass and reservations are required in attendance.

Info: 0546697311,


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