Back from March 4 to 31, the third edition of Sorelle Festival offers a journey from the past to the present, and allows you to explore the evolution of the female figure through the narration of some symbolic women who have determined the progressive social and cultural development.

This edition was titled “We are all Artemis.” Artemis, the goddess of hunting equipped with arrows and inhabitant of the forests, represents in the culture of classical Greece the archetype of the independent woman who shuns the rules imposed.

The festival starts from Artemis to explore different figures until you get to Wanda Berasi – in art Muki – artist who pulled the strings of the artistic ferment of Faenza in contemporary history.

Women whose lives, experiences and battles represent an imperishable feminist manifesto, still able to provoke reflections and actions in favor of the progress of the whole community. A legacy that Sorelle Festival wants to collect and tell through the union of different disciplines – from photography to dance, from painting to philosophy – to celebrate many voices united by a message of courage and independence.

The festival involves many associations and institutions of the territory, including the MIC which will host on March 31 a guided tour of the exhibition “Gioia di Ber” with a talk and tasting by Le donne del Vino.

The events are located throughout the Romagna Faentina area: Faenza, Castel Bolognese, Riolo Terme, Casola Valsenio, Solarolo and Brisighella.

The complex and articulated program can be found on their website.

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