On the occasion of Buongiorno Ceramica (May 21-22, 2022) opens at the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, Malta the exhibition “Amici Cari” curated by Irene Biolchini and Mary Rose Caruana.

Gabriel Caruana (1929-2018) was a Maltese artist, a symbol of modern art on the island. A pioneer always exposed to curiosity, risk and error. A tireless traveler and a great lover of ceramics and Faenza, his city of choice in Italy. Over the years, in fact, Caruana will apply to several editions of the Faenza Prize and build projects with Muky and Matteucci, or as he liked to call them “dear friends.” From the 1980s, Bonne Ten Kate, another close friend of Caruana, began a careful work of documenting the artist’s career.

The exhibition celebrates these friendships at the Art Mill established by Caruana, now home to the Foundation that bears his name and whose mission is to build projects for the development of contemporary creativity. A fate that brings him closer to Muky (1926 – 2022), generous donor of a space for her city designated for artist residencies and the enhancement of ceramic culture.

A selection of Gabriel Caruana’s works will then be presented inside the Birkirkara Mill, projected on the walls via vintage slides, taken up by his Dutch friend, Bonne Ten Kate (1934-2021). Alongside these “ghostly” presences will be a series of drawings kept at Muky’s house, materials for an exhibition that Caruana was supposed to create in the Faenza spaces.

The drawings scanned through the collaboration of MIC Faenza will be projected alongside the slides, creating a coherent environment capable of telling the story of a long-standing bond.

The exhibition is realized with the support of: AICC, Italian Association of Ceramic Cities.



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