The Emilia-Romagna Region becomes a partner in the foundation that runs the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza. The Legislative Assembly approved the council’s bill establishing the region’s direct participation in the MIC Foundation. The measure calls for the region to join the Foundation’s membership with a 100-thousand-euro stake, and an annual contribution of 50-thousand euros for the three-year period 2024-2025-2026. After 2026, the annual contribution will be determined within the annual availability authorized by the regional budget law.

“We have passed a very important law for our territory, a well-constructed and well-done bill that enhances a museum that is a heritage of the entire region. – explains the majority rapporteur, Manuela Rontini (Pd), for whom -for the Faenza Museum, the Region is following what it has already done for Meis and the Cineteca of Bologna: this bill enhances an important reality such as the Foundation and confirms the link between the Region and the Faenza territory on a theme such as culture, which is well represented by the Museum of Ceramics, which is a unique reality in the world. It is a great achievement to be able to bring to fruition the law that brings the Region into the Foundation that manages the Ceramics Museum: Faenza is ceramics, ceramics is Faenza, the Region’s commitment goes in the right direction.”

“This is an important law, although it would have been better to pass it years ago, and we need Emilia-Romagna to put more resources into it. However, better late than never: now we need to extend collaboration with the government as well, with the Ministry of Culture in the first place: we presented an agenda in this sense, which the Assembly approved. Faenza has a very beautiful museum that must be enhanced more and more,” says minority speaker Andrea Liverani (League).

“Our region is the region of ceramics, ceramics unites Emilia-Romagna: the industrial one in Sassuolo, the artistic one in Faenza. It is good to enhance this sector,” explains Luca Cuoghi (Fdi).

In support of the importance of the Region’s choice, Culture Councillor Mauro Felicori cited the history and activities of the Foundation and its: “The Region,” the councillor explained, “does not want to direct the territory in a centralistic way, on the contrary, it intends to put itself at the service of important realities such as Faenza: Emilia-Romagna is already moving internationally, we would like Faenza to benefit from it as well. Faenza is the name of ceramics, we would like the results of this law to be the fruit of the work of the entire Legislative Assembly.”



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