Seventy artists, over twenty nations represented, the best of the contemporary art scene
who chose to use ceramics to make his sculptures and installations is on display at the
MIC Faenza from July 1 to October 29, 2023 for the 62nd edition of the Faenza Prize, a
Of the most important Contemporary Ceramic Art Biennials in the world.
The exhibition displays the works of the selected artists, out of more than a thousand participants, chosen by a
international jury composed of MIC Faenza director Claudia Casali, Judith Schwartz,
president of the Museum of Ceramic Art-NY, Ranti Tjan, director of the Royal Academy of Art in The
Hague, Tomohiro Daicho, senior curator at MOMAK in Kyoto.
The topics covered and addressed are many: social issues, environmental issues, those who confront the
own tradition and with clay to recover their roots or reflect on the land. Some
works interface with the audience by requiring its participation, many others mix with the
ceramics other materials such as resins, wood, photography.
The 62 Faenza Prize, which had the honor of receiving this year’s award of the “Medal
of the Presidency of the Italian Republic,” turns out to be a faithful mirror of contemporary times,
a window from which to view and analyze the age we live in with its anxieties, lifestyles, and the
its social and environmental issues.
The poetics respect the ceramic tradition, but at the same time surpass it through the
technological research that a material such as ceramics, so ancient and modern, requires,
Or they mix it up with other materials.
And so do the award-winning works. The installation “Eclectic Paradise of Earth” by artist
Belgian Yves Malfliet, (over-35 award supported by the Fondazione del Monte and Cassa di Risparmio
Faenza) and the work “Courtyard Twilight Series IV” (under 35 award supported by Cersaie) by artist
Chinese Wei Bao reflect through clay on the relationship between man, society, nature and the environment.
“Yves Malfliet evolves by constantly reinventing his work through witty creations and
stimulants. – jurors comment – The clay process is characterized by.
Multiple techniques that result in a harmonious whole. The intellectual aspect of the work brings
to investigate our society and, more deeply, the remnants of society, through fusion and a
apparent collapse of objects, enclosed in boxes in which everything is stacked, like a bric-à-brac
or waste. The work incorporates the entire space granted: wall, table, floor into an installation
total of great originality.”
“Wei Bao’s work,” the Jury continued, “instead focuses on the relationship between man and nature.
starting with a reflection on ancient civilizations and their living cores. Circularity represents the
revolution of the Earth, ancient civilizations began to live in circular spaces, in contact and in
symbiosis with nature. This is as timely a topic as ever: we experience every day the loss of
That primordial harmony. The work reminds us to respect natural balances in building, to
return to a peaceful dialogue with nature.”
The Medal of the House of Representatives went to Anja Seiler, the Medal of the Senate of the
Republic to Marieke Pauwels, the Monica Biserni Award to Sarah Pschorn, the Memorial Award to
Eleuterio Ignazi to Victor Fotso Nyie, the Faenza Rotary Club Award to Marco Samorè, the Lions Award
Faenza Host Club to Elysia Athanatos, the Silver Medal of “D’A” magazine to Hongli Peng,
Finally, the MIC Faenza Lifetime Achievement Award: Velimir Vukicevic.
The Jury’s Honorable Mentions go instead to Sara Cancellieri, Frank Louis, Fausto Salvi, Veljko
“It is a special edition, which excites us,” says MIC Faenza director Claudia Casali, “It is
a return to normalcy and to the custom of the Prize as a biennial event expected by the
international ceramic art world. The last edition was in 2018, much has changed since
then, both in the perception of ceramic art and inevitably in the artists’ poetics.
We are very satisfied with the result and participation.”

The selected artists in the exhibition
Over 35 Category
Dorna Abyak (Iran), Darien Arikoski-Johnson (USA), Elysia Athanatos (Cyprus), Eliza Au (Canada),
Kosmas Ballis (USA), Leonardo Bartolini (Italy), Sofia Beça (Portugal), Nicola Boccini-Nicola Renzi
(Italy), Anne Butler (UK), Kris Campo (Belgium), Sara Cancellieri (Italy), Greg Daly (Australia),
Nathalie Doyen (Belgium), Antonio Fois (UK), Magdalena Gerber (Switzerland), Kei Hoashi (Japan),
Peter Johnson (USA), Maria Joanna Juchnowska (Norway), Ivan Kanchev (Bulgaria), Sunbim Lim
(South Korea), Frank Louis (Germany), Yves Malfliet (Belgium), Massimo Manfredi Luccioli (Italy),
Domenico Mangano & Marieke Van Rooy (Italy-Holland), Alexandra Marinova (Bulgaria), Garrett
Masterson (USA), Mikaso Tamago (Serbia, Japan), Daniel Molyneux (USA), Muscle Memory
Collective (USA), Yuko Nemoto (Japan), Marieke Pauwels (Belgium), Maria Pol (Switzerland), POL
Polloniato (Italy), Liza Riddle (USA), Sibylle Ritter (France), Fausto Salvi (Italy), Marco Samorè
(Italy), Virginia San Fratello (USA), Anja Seiler (Switzerland), Brook Sigal (France), Nora Smahelova
(Czech Rep.), Kirsten Spuijbroek (Netherlands), Eileen Cohen Süssholz (South Africa), Mariette Van der Ven
(Netherlands), Mattia Vernocchi (Italy), Velimir Vukicevic (Serbia), Lily Wang (Taiwan), Peng Xuejing
(China), Tomoyo Yoshida Arrighi (Japan), Veljko Zejak (Serbia).

Under 35 category
Felicithas Arndt (Germany), Wei Bao (China), Federico Branchetti (Italy), Uriel H. Caspi (Israel),
Noa Chernichovsky (Israel), Lin Dong (China), Victor Fotso Nyie (Italy), HongLi Peng (China), Lena
Kaapke (Germany), Guglielmo Maggini (Italy), Thomas Marseiler (Austria), Yu Mengtong (China),
Sarah Pschorn (Germany), Lisa Reiter (Austria), Davide Ronco (Denmark), Tomoya Sakai
(Japan), Katrina Schneider (Austria), Lei Shao (China), Laurence Sturla (Austria).

With the support
General Directorate for Research Education And Cultural Institutes, Emilia-Romagna Region, City of
Faenza, Unione della Romagna Faentina, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna, Fondazione
Banca del Monte and Cassa di Risparmio Faenza, Confindustria Ceramica, Caviro, Sacmi.

Media Partners
The Modern and Ancient Ceramics, Publishers

Data Sheet
62nd Faenza Prize – Biennale Internazionale della Ceramica d’Arte Contemporanea
MIC Faenza, viale Baccarini 19 – 48018 – Faenza (RA)
Open: Tue-Sun 10am-7pm, closed on non-holiday Mondays
Info: 0546697311,,



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