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Faenze (faience) of Egypt! Siliceous mixtures and blue and turquoise glazes

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From July 22 to 24, a workshop for adults on siliceous impastos and blue and turquoise glazes will be held in the MIC laboratory.

The course takes as its reference the siliceous ceramics of Fatimid Egypt (969-1168) with engraved decorations embellished by monochrome glazing, freely inspired by the Chinese porcelain and céladons of the Song era (960-1279), proposing a reinterpretation with materials and methods of the present day.

The laboratory activities, aimed at the realization of moulds of faenza siliceous tiles with relief decorations, subsequently glazed, will be integrated by the discussion of some topics of history and technology of ceramics related to the production of reference, with a visit to the collections of the MIC.


Teachers : Mirco Denicolò, Anna Maria Lega, Valentina Mazzotti, Dario Valli

Date: 22, 23 and 24 July 2022

Hours: 9-13 14-18 (22 and 23 July), 9-13 (24 24 July)

registration fee: 240 euro

Max participants: 10


Reservations required by June 10.
0546 697306,


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