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Little Red Riding Hood… beware of the wolf!

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Saturday, April 9 (10 am-1 pm) we host “Little Red Riding Hood … beware of the wolf,” an event organized by the National Association of Elderly Workers, ANLA, in collaboration with F.I.D.A.P.A against bullying of young people and violence against the elderly, acts that are unfortunately central every day.

The central report will be held by Prof. Maria Rita Parsi, president of the Fondazione Bambino Onlus, who has participated several times in television programs dedicated to bullying and violence towards the elderly.

Massimo Isola, Mayor of Faenza, the Prefect of Ravenna Castrese De Rosa, Emanuela Rontini, Regional Councillor of Emilia – Romagna, Senator Stefano Collina, Martina Laghi, Councillor of the Municipality of Faenza, will take part in the event for a brief greeting.

ANLA National President Edoardo Patriarca will conclude the speeches by recalling the role and commitment of the Association.

The performances that will accompany the theme of the day will be made by the students of the third classes of the Liceo Artistico Ballardini of Faenza, the animation will be by the Associazione fatti D’Arte with Veronica Bassani. The Company Filo Drammatica Berton with Maria Nives Visani, Gianluca Lusa and Mario Gurioli will speak.

Faenza Maiolicari artists are participating in the event with themed works.


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