SILICONE FAENCES: six thousand years of history and techniques

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A full-day masterclass dedicated to an in-depth study of the operational steps necessary for the current production of glazed siliceous faience.

The course runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and includes:

– lectures on ceramic technology and history

– visit to MIC collections, to reconstruct the evolutionary path of siliceous faience, from its origins in Egypt and the Ancient Near East to its rediscovery in the Islamic and Ottoman worlds

– Hands-on demonstrations of the different operational steps necessary for making siliceous faience

– Insights into materials and processing techniques

Lecturers: Valentina Mazzotti (MIC Curator), Dario Valli (ceramist and MIC restorer), Anna Maria Lega (lecturer in chemistry and technology of ceramic materials), Mirco Denicolò (ceramist and ISIA lecturer)

Participation fee: €150

Online REGISTRATION required by clicking here –> LINK

Contact: 0546/697309 – 0546/697306


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