Symphony of ice cream

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In the wake of the dramatic events caused by the flooding in Emilia-Romagna, Casa Optima Group, the leading multibrand group in ingredients for artisanal ice cream and confectionery, chose to support the Sarti Music School in Faenza through a fundraiser launched among employees at its three operating offices in San Clemente (RN), Cuvio (VA) and Bistagno (AL) who generously donated an hour’s work pay.

The sum raised was then tripled by the Group and will be allocated partly to the purchase of quality violins, which will enable the students to resume their studies, partly to the promotion of the “Soavi armonie” concert season that will take place from October to December at the MIC (Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza) and to the realization of a free admission concert event in collaboration with Casa Optima entitled ‘Ice Cream Symphony’ which will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 9 p.m., at the Museum garden.

This unique event will feature Music, with the String Ensemble of the Sarti School of Music and the Toscanini Next Quartet, and ice cream, which will be offered to the public thanks to the kind cooperation of Cesena’s ‘Grand Prix La Torteria’ ice cream shop and the Sanciocart company.

Unfortunately, the May 2023 flood caused extensive damage to the muica Sarti school: of the total 2000sqm, 1000sqm was damaged, with a total of 15 equipped classrooms where 10 grand pianos and 30 violins, among others, were kept.

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