Talks Joy of Drinking – Daniela Lotta

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Daniela Lotta: The shape of drinking: the design of wine and water containers in the XX-XXI century

In reflecting on the overall theme of the exhibition, the lecture proposes a chronological narrative of the evolution of artifacts related to the conviviality of the table and the rituality of gestures associated with the consumption of beverages. Through the reading of objects bearers of the project, it will be possible to identify not only the evolution of taste but also the constant process of formal, decorative, technical and symbolic updating of the different types of ceramic containers for the consumption of water and wine in the design of the XX-XXI century.


The journey to discover the consumption of wine and water through ceramics proposed by the exhibition “Joy of Drinking” continues at MIC in Faenza with the “Talks Joy of Drinking”.

From February 8 through April 23, eight lectures given by the exhibition’s curators (and others) explore the themes already developed in the exhibition.

Free admission with super green pass and reservations.

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