The donation Lara-Vinca Masini at the Project Room

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The permanent collection of the MIC has been enriched with another 31 ceramic works by important authors such as Alessio Tasca, Guido Gambone, Federigo Fabbrini and Bruno Bagnoli thanks to the donation of Lara Vinca Masini. The pieces were set up in the Project Room, the museum space reserved for special projects and donations.

Art historian Lara-Vinca Masini passed away in January 2021 and left her artistic and book heritage to various Italian museums, including the MIC Faenza.

Lara Vinca Masini has played a key role in art criticism since the 1960s. She was at the head of the Museo Progressivo d’Arte Contemporanea in Livorno, one of the most experimental projects in Italy in the 1970s, organising with Vittorio Fagone, the first Biennial of Contemporary Art in the city. In 1978 she participated in the Italian Commission for Visual Arts for the Sector Architetture of the Biennale di Venezia and in 1986 received the Premio dei Lincei for the critic. In 1980 she arranged in Florence Umanesimo Disumanesimo nell’arte europea 1890/1980, inviting international artists to make site-specific interventions in the citys urban space, a a first strong signal of the new and the first real reflection on the relationship between public art and urban spaces in contemporary Florence.

she had a real passion for ceramics, having frequented artist friends such as Federigo Fabbrini, Guido Gambone and Alessio Tasca. In 1977 she was invited by our Museum to be part of the Jury of the 35th edition of the Faenza Prize.

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