The influence of Art Noveau in the ceramic production of Galileo Chini

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On the occasion of the exhibition “Galileo Chini. Ceramics between Art Nouveau and Dèco the Rèseau Art Nouveau in collaboration with our Museum and the European Ceramic Road offers a live conference on our Facebook and Youtube channels entitled “The Influence of Art Noveau in the Ceramic Production of Galileo Chini.”


March 29, 2023


Institutional greetings: Benedetta Diamanti, Director, European Route of Ceramics Massimo Isola, President, European Route of Ceramics Stefano Dominioni, Executive Secretary, EPA on Cultural Routes Director, European Institute of Cultural Routes

Francisco Rodriguez Barberan, University of Seville
“What we talk about when we talk about. Modernism in Spain.”

Stefania Cretella, University of Verona
“The spread of the Art Nouveau style through international exhibitions.”

Claudia Casali, MIC Faenza Director
“Galileo Chini: the innovation of Italian ceramics through the Liberty Style.”

Valerio Terraroli, University of Verona
“Stile Liberty: an Italian interpretation of Art Nouveau through the works of Galileo Chini”

Radványi Diána, Iparművészeti Múzeum
“The First Flush of Dawn”-the role of the Zsolnay factory in the revival of glossy glazes around 1900.
On the innovative attitude of the Zsolnay family, the development of their lustrous glazes and success at world fairs.

Questions from the audience.



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