Faenza Review

The review “Faenza” has been published since 1913: a repertory of historical studies on the art of ceramics, it also contains essays of a didactic nature, a fundamental aid for scholars and enthusiasts of ceramics.

Director: Claudia Casali.

Scientific Curators: Claudia Casali, Valentina Mazzotti.

Scientific Committee: Françoise Barbe, Claudia Casali, Roberto Ciarla, Jaume Coll Conesa, Sauro Gelichi, Antonio Guarnotta, Johanna Lessman, John V.G. Mallet, Valentina Mazzotti, Carmen Ravanelli Guidotti, Maria Paz Soler, Timothy Wilson.

Editorial staff: Claudia Casali, Valentina Mazzotti.

The editors of the journal accept no responsibility for the opinions expressed by the authors.

Registration Tribunale di Ravenna 21 October 1948 following the law 83 del 8.2.1948 n. 47, art. 5.

Member of the Italian Periodical Press Union.

The International Museum of Ceramics, while retaining the scientific direction and editing, relies on “Polistampa” firm for promotion and distribution.

The “Faenza” magazine is available in our bookshop and on the online shop of the Polistampa publishing house in Florence.

Annual subscription Italy (2 issues) € 42.00

Annual subscription abroad (2 issues) € 60,00

Subscriptions are handled directly by the publishing house.

For information: Polistampa 055 7378813, redazione@polistampa.com


For scholars and researchers we provide free PDFs of back issues of the journal. All vintages from 1913 to 1998 are available. Some even in physical copy.

You can download the PDF numbers you are interested in here.

For information contact the library: 0546697303, biblioteca@micfaenza.org

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