Urbania, c. 1678, maiolica


The imposing amphora with its elaborate snake-shaped handles was masterfully decorated by Ippolito Rombaldoni, author of valuable historiated figures. The vase depicts the allegory of Innocence on one side and the allegory of Discretion on the other, as indicated by the circular inscription “INOCENCE/DISCRETION” on the foot. Innocence is evoked by a female figure intent on caressing a lion, while Discretion is depicted by a young woman offering flowers to companions. The work belongs to a series of large amphorae from Palazzo Barberini in Rome and was made in Urbania, the town in the Marche region with an ancient ceramic tradition which until 1636 was called Casteldurante, later changing its name at the behest of Pope Urban VIII Barberini.

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