2021 ends with new museum website going online

The year 2021 of the MIC of Faenza comes to an end with the launch of the new website of the museum, which has a new graphic interface, always connected to social networks, an online shop and a great attention to the digital display of our collections through photos, videos and virtual tours designed for different target audiences and with an eye to accessibility for the most fragile categories.

A rich program is on the calendar of the Faenza International Museum of Ceramics in 2022.

Important exhibitions are scheduled, proudly produced by the Museum or arranged in collaboration with important international institutions, in addition to the great return of Argillà Italy, the market exhibition of international artistic craftsmanship that will take place from September 2 to 4, and the reorganization of the section dedicated to Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art.

“It is an important year because it represents the rivival of a normal museum life, but it is also a year of great changes: not only exhibitions and the usual attention to the enhancement of our rich heritage, but also the inclusion of new paths related to multimedia and the issues of accessibility and inclusion, which are very important for us. The synergies with the cultural actors of the territory and the international collaborations, the true peculiarity of our Museum, will certainly continue”, says Director Casali.

The new year opens with the continuation through April 30, 2022 of the exhibition “Joy of Drinking”. More than two hundred ceramics to tell how the habits and customs of the banquet have changed from classical antiquity to design to which are connected conferences, guided tours, workshops for families and educational activities for schools.

At the end of May until September 2022, an anthological exhibition dedicated to Nino Caruso, realized in collaboration with the MOMAK of Kyoto is exhibited at MIC. More than a hundred pieces, documenting the multifaceted activity of Caruso between sculpture, industrial production and monumental installations.

From the end of October 2022 to May 2023, the MIC proposes a major exhibition on Galileo Chini. An extraordinary protagonist of the Art Nouveau era, Chini was able to adapt his poetics to the fashions of the time, watching out for decoration that becomes an emotional pattern. On display will be about a hundred pieces from the various phases of the artist’s activity, from the elegant artifacts of the Arte della Ceramica of Florence (1896-1902) to the more experimental ceramics of the Manifattura of Borgo San Lorenzo.

Argillà Italy, the market exhibition of artistic ceramics, “twinned” with Aubagne in France and with Argentona in Spain, is back from 2nd to 4th September 2020 in Faenza. Three days to walk through the historic center, shopping, browsing among the stands, three days to learn about the ceramic culture through a visit to the International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza or wandering among the numerous exhibitions, performances and events organized throughout the city.

At the end of September, in correspondence with the two most important fairs dedicated to industrial ceramics in Italy (Cersaie in Bologna and Tecnargilla in Rimini), the MIC once again proposes “ArtSurfaces” . The Museum shows avant-garde works by designers who have designed tiles for well-known brands in the ceramic industry.

Finally, in November, to celebrate the “Contemporary Art Day” called by Amaci, the MIC presents “Fragments”, an exhibition by Salvatore Arancio. The result of the ministerial call Cantica 21, the exhibition aims to investigate the restoration and conservation of ceramics. In collaboration with the restoration laboratory of the MIC of Faenza, the artist proposes a dialogue with the parts hidden to the public of the museum. He reflects on the history of ceramics, on its durability and on the dignity of the silent work that takes place in the lesser known places of an institution. A choral work in which the individual parts can listen to each other and meet.

At the end of the year, the MIC program concludes with the reorganization of the section dedicated to Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art, a project carried out in collaboration with the University of Bologna, Department of Archaeology.

Press office MIC Faenza Stefania Mazzotti | 0546 697301, 3391228409, ufficiostampa@micfaenza.org


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