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The “Playing with ceramics” workshop at the MIC was inspired by the teachings of Bruno Munari in the late 1970s.

In our workshop courses, playing is the starting point for exploring the technique and history of ceramics, developing manual skills and letting your imagination run wild.

We propose a multidisciplinary approach to schools of all levels – from pre-school to secondary and university – with guided tours and workshops to learn about the history and technique of ceramics and make connections with other disciplines.

Our workshop is available to the community to design personalised pathways and activities for people with fragility.

Temporary proposals

Laboratory Story
“Playing with ceramics”

The workshop was conceived by the past Director Gian Carlo Bojani, who decided to entrust it to Bruno Munari, mindful of the experience he had seen at the Pinacoteca di Brera in the spring of 1977. Based on the experimental idea of the well-known designer, an innovative teaching method applied to ceramics was born.

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The proposals

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