“Popular pottery, design and coverings between past and future”.

A new permanent section of the museum dedicated exclusively to design and ceramics opens to the public on May 22.

“Popular Ceramics, Design and Coatings, Between Past and Future” is the new permanent section of the MIC in Faenza that opens to the public on May 22, curated by Claudia Casali and Valentina Mazzotti, with the collaboration of Daniela Lotta, Federica Fanti and Elena Dal Prato. Located in the large hall of the basement, it is dedicated exclusively to ceramics for use and design and exhibits over 2000 objects (mostly from the Museum’s storerooms), which trace the history of this material, since ancient times, by its very nature, closely linked to forms of use and lifestyles.

In review are pots, plates, amphorae, cups, tea and chocolate services, vases, oil lamps, gravy boats, table sets, wall and floor coverings, ranging from popular ceramics to those of the wealthier classes and crossing the various centuries up to the twentieth century, when the very concept of “design” was born with an identity known to all.

The section is divided into three main chapters: popular ceramics from the 18th-20th centuries with objects used for work in the fields, for the kitchen, the pantry and the table; a very large part dedicated to ceramic coverings – the MIC has over 15 thousand examples of industrial tiles of particular historical, productive, artistic significance, made in the 20th and 21st centuries – and finally the most substantial part of the section, dedicated to the 20th and 21st centuries, with key authors of design and the dialogue between the arts that took place precisely in contemporary times.

“The new permanent section shows how ceramics narrate the lifestyles of the different eras, tastes and fashions that have followed one another over the centuries, leaving important traces in the life of man. It also wants to highlight the constant dialogues between art and design, – explains Claudia Casali, director of the MIC – between reciprocal introspections and interactions, never hidden by the same protagonists, foundation instead of the paths of the new generations.”

“The new layout once again highlights the great typological richness of the MIC collections. Specifically, the exhibition proposes to analyze the ceramic artifact of use – comments Valentina Mazzotti, curator of the MIC – both as a covering in an articulated path from the sumptuous maiolica floors of the Renaissance to the industrial production of the XX-XXI century, and as an object that performs specific daily functions. In this context, the forms take on a role of primary importance, in that they are linked to the use of the objects, and through the ceramics on display it is documented how they have been interpreted over the centuries up to the readings offered by design in the contemporary era”.

On display are works by undisputed masters such as Gio Ponti, Antonia Campi, Enzo Mari, Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Nanni Valentini, Alfonso Leoni, Denis Santachiara, just to name a few, alongside works by more contemporary artists such as Patricia Urquiola, Christina Hamel, Simon Zsolt, Diego Dutto, FormaFantasma, Diego Grandi, Philippe Nigro, Zaven and many others.

In the exhibition, great attention is paid to new technologies, from large surfaces to the realizations with 3D printers, a real new technical innovation adapted and adopted by various designers and artists such as Andrea Salvatori, Paolo Polloniato, Andrea Anastasio, Salvatore Arancio.

The graphic design is by Azzolini Tinuper studio of Milan.

The creation of the new layout was made possible thanks to the contribution of the Emilia Romagna Region and Tecnargilla, Cersaie, Caviro and Hera.


High definition photos and captions can be downloaded at this link


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