Talks Joy of Drinking – Anna Gamberini

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Anna Gamberini: From the Vineyard to the Table: Production and Trade of Wine in the Roman World

Wine, essential component of convivium and commissatio (banquet and after dinner in the Roman world) is, because of its nature, a substance that cannot leave a direct trace, but of which we can know a lot through the numerous iconographic, literary and archaeological sources. Starting from the presence in the exhibition of many amphoras – the transportation containers par excellence in the ancient world – and of the writings clearly legible on them, it will be discussed about the many phases that from the production of wine lead to the organization of its storage, of its transportation, of its sale and, finally, of its consumption.

The journey to discover the consumption of wine and water through ceramics proposed by the exhibition “Joy of Drinking” continues at MIC in Faenza with the “Talks Joy of Drinking”.

From February 8 through April 23, eight lectures given by the exhibition’s curators (and others) explore the themes already developed in the exhibition.

Free admission with super green pass and reservations.

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