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The Art bonus allows a tax credit, equal to 65% of the amount donated, to those who make donations in support of the public cultural heritage of Italy.Contributions made to the Fondazione M.I.C. – Museo internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza – Onlus, in support of the maintenance, protection and restoration of the ceramic, book, photographic collections, of the historical archives, and of the museum buildings, make it possible to benefit from the tax benefits provided.Pursuant to art.1 of the D.L. 31 May 2014, 83“Urgent provisions for the protection of the cultural heritage, the development of culture and the revival of tourism “, converted with amendments in Law n. 106 – 29 July 2014 e, a tax credit has been introduced for liberal cash donations in support of culture and entertainment, known as the Art Bonus, to support patronage of the cultural heritage: donations made through a bank, post office or online payment give rise to a tax credit equal to 65% of the donation made, to be divided into three equal annual amounts.

For individuals, the limit of eligibility for the credit is set at 15% of taxable income; for business income holders, the limit is set at 5 per thousand of annual revenues.

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Donations made to the MIC Foundation:

A – for maintenance, protection and restoration of public cultural assets

B – as support for an institute listed among the public institutes and places of culture

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Unione Europea
Presidenza Consiglio dei Ministri
Ministero Della Cultura – Direzione Generale Educazione Ricerca E Istituti Culturali
Ministero Della Cultura – Direzione Generale Musei
Ministero Della Cultura – Direzione Generale Biblioteche Non Statali
Ministero Pubblica Istruzione
Regione Emilia-Romagna
Servizio Patrimonio Culturale della Regione Emilia-romagna
Unione della Romagna Faentina
Comune di Faenza

Fondazione Banca Del Monte e Cassa di Risparmio di Faenza
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna
La BCC – Banca di Credito Cooperativo Ravennate Forlivese e Imolese

Amici della Ceramica e del MIC, Faenza
Caviro, Faenza
Edi.cer S.p.a.
Hera S.p.a.
Sacmi, Imola

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