UNESCO:The MIC is recognised as a “Monument testifying a culture of peace” as an “Expression of Ceramic Art in the World”.

The International Museum of Ceramics in Faenza, with the precious testimonies it preserves of this art in the world, has been recognised as a “Monument Witness to a Culture of Peace”, according to the programme launched by UNESCO in the year 2000, the Year for the Culture of Peace.

Il MIC has been introduced as “Expression of ceramic art in the World”.

Marialuisa Stringa, President of the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs and responsible for Italian “Monuments and sites testifying peace” programme, wrote the motivation for the award:

Given the profound values that the MIC testifies, not only on an artistic level but as a privileged way of encouraging encounter and dialogue between the civilisations of the world, we have noted that the Museum is a point of reference for ancient, modern and contemporary ceramics, both national and international. This is due both to the precious ceramic works it contains and the exceptional documentation in its library. We also valued the importance of the meeting of scholars and artists from all over the world who meet annually at the MIC in Faenza to exchange and deepen their technical and cultural knowledge. It is of great significance that scholars and visitors are welcomed by the beautiful “dove of peace” (painted by Picasso for the MIC), whose flight also represents continuity for the future. Our recognition therefore goes to the MIC in Faenza, an expression of ceramic art in the world, which responds to the ideals that inspire the programme, the meaning of dialogue and encounter to build peace.

It should be remembered that the Italian Federation of UNESCO Clubs, in accepting the invitation launched by the then Director-General of UNESCO, Federico Mayor, at the opening of the year for the culture of peace, wished to adhere to the expressed indication to enhance the presence on the territory of artistic or natural realities which, because of their values, can contribute to building a culture of peace”.

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