In the baroque Attems Petzenstein Palace in Gorizia from March 21 to August 27, 2023, a major exhibition “Italy Fifties. Fashion and design. Birth of a style” promoted and organized by ERPAC FVG – Ente Regionale per il Patrimonio Culturale del Friuli Venezia Giulia, through its Museum of Fashion and Applied Arts in Gorizia, in which MIC of Faenza participates through the exhibition of five works from its collection.

The exhibition “Italia Cinquanta. Fashion and Design. Birth of a Style” is curated by Carla Cerutti, Enrico Minio Capucci and Raffaella Sgubin, joined in the work by a large group of important specialists, and rereads that historical moment in the light of two specific components: fashion and design, including in the latter also the tradition of applied arts, a strong point of Italian production, which was more artisanal in past eras.

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