On Tuesday, August 8, the Guerrino Tramonti House Museum will reopen to the public. In fact, work was completed after last May’s flood to rebuild walls, floors and facilities that were destroyed or damaged.

“The Guerrino Tramonti Museum is located in the house where I was born, which my father had built in the early 1960s, with his workshop, space for his materials, the store where my mother sold my father’s ceramics, and our family house – says Marco Tramonti, son of the Artist and President of the Foundation and House Museum . I have worked so hard since his passing to be the worthy custodian of his legacy, convinced of how much more we had to discover about him through his works. On the night of May 16, I saw the river enter the house, with all the devastating force of which nature is capable, the same river I had seen for so long flowing quietly under the city’s bridges. The wait to be able to descend the waterlogged stairs again and re-enter where the Museum and Storage are today was a very long time, a time when I feared the worst and lived preparing for the worst. It was a blow to the heart to see the works scarred and humiliated by water and mud, walls torn apart or pieces of floor surfacing. In all, we keep about 2,200 works, including ceramics, sculptures and paintings; then the archives, the molds, the easels my father used to paint, which I saw floating and could not accept rotting in the mud. It was hard work made possible, in such a short time, thanks to the efforts of my family, all of them, the institutions that never left us alone, the people who knew us or who knew and came, spontaneously, to our rescue, and the artisans, who worked conscientiously and tirelessly giving us the way to reopen so quickly.”

The Guerrino Tramonti House-Museum preserves and exhibits the artist’s entire career, from early sculptures in the 1930s to records painted in garish colors and coated with thick crystaline; from the white stoneware vase-sculptures of the 1960s to the oil paintings of his last period of activity. It is included in the National Museum System (Mibact), recognized by the Cultural Heritage Service of the Emilia Romagna Region “Houses and studies of the illustrious people of Emilia Romagna” and is part of the Museums of the Union of Romagna Faentina (Miurf).

The House Museum will remain open throughout August by reservation at ph. 392 3011196. Starting September 1, Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. Guided tours by appointment.


Reservations: 392 3011196, museo@tramontiguerrino.it


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