A large nucleus of works from our collection of Chinese and Japanese ceramics, 17 pieces, including seven from the permanent path, are on loan from Feb. 17 to July 14, 2024, to the exhibition “Elogio della fragilità” at the Garda Civic Museum in Ivrea.

The exhibition celebrates ten years since the reopening of the Pier Alessandro Garda Civic Museum to the public.

Clay, in its various forms from white earthenware to porcelain, is the conducting thread throughout the Museum’s collection, which is enhanced with this exhibition by offering a comparison and creating relationships with other works of art from important museums, foundations and private collections.

Also of great importance are the connections with the territory, in particular with the ceramic tradition expressed by the town of Castellamonte, recognized excellence by the AiCC (Italian Association of Ceramic Cities), through the creations of some artists of the second half of the 20th century, which will allow an understanding of the evolutions of this ductile and transformable material, up to the use of 3D printing.

The exhibition, realized with the contribution of Fondazione Guelpa and Fondazione CRT, is conceived and coordinated by Paola Mantovani, who collaborated with the study and curatorship of important scholars such as Raffaella Ausenda and Marco Guglielminotti as well as Alessia Porpiglia and Luca Diotto and the artistic experience of Sandra Baruzzi, Guglielmo Marthyn and Chiara Lorenzetti.

Info: musei@comune.ivrea.to.it, 0125 410512, https://www.museogardaivrea.it/nuova-mostra

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