19th Day of the Contemporary: “1 second 1 gram” by Luisa Turuani

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“1 Second 1 Gram” is a performance art project with which artist Luisa Turuani won the Italian Council Edition 11- Scope 3 – Talent Development.

As part of the nineteenth edition of the Day of the Contemporary convened by Amaci, on Saturday, October 7, from 4 to 6 p.m., Luisa Turuani performs her own performance, inviting visitors in attendance to participate.

“We live in an age of frenetic transformation characterized by abrupt accelerations and braking, pressing deadlines and continuous updates. – says the artist – The result is a society that is tired and deprived of the primary and essential good that is time. 1 second 1 gram thus seeks to raise questions about the meaning of making time as well as space, gives a lost dimension of gratuitousness and grace, and empowers the individual within a community.”

From a practical point of view, the project sees the realization of a performance taking place as a collective and simultaneously individual act. Upon entering the space the visitor is asked how long he or she wants; this choice is personal, inviolable and not retroactive. The required amount of time is converted into an amount of clay according to the ratio 1 second = 1 gram. Visitors can model the clay in the manner they see fit for the time set at the entrance; a timer monitors and alerts the visitor when the available time runs out. When the time is up, the visitor leaves the clay and the timer and can exit the space. Each participant is given a personal certificate attesting to the successful completion of the action. In conclusion, the clay manipulated by visitors is displayed generating an exhibition that is constructed simultaneously with the performance.

The performance reflects on the weight of time and human attempts to manipulate, manage and consume a dimension, that of time, which in contemporary times is increasingly elusive and difficult to define. The action thus stems from a lack and the difficulty of keeping up with the times. 1 second 1 gram lends time, opens a parenthesis with the intention of returning to the everyday with the strength to continue making space and making time. This is how the visitor takes time, holds it, caresses it, manipulates it. Performance allows the community to regain lost time, opens up a space and time not aimed at the realization of a product, but aimed at the pure pleasure of reviving a slumbering desire.

Project realized thanks to the support of the Italian Council (11th edition, 2022), a program for the international promotion of Italian art of the General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture


Luisa Turuani investigates human nature by means of the desires that humans invest in objects. Born between the pre-digital and hyper-connected eras, she conceives of her works by fusing the material and digital aspects, resulting in works that are in constant transformation. While his research unveils-with wonder-the obvious and familiar forms of the everyday, it also reveals their ephemeral limits and irreversible dissolution, proposing a poetic approach that acts beyond time and matter. Born in 1992 in Milan, she studied Sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Recent solo and group exhibitions include: Gaze Off, Lugano, 2022; Waiting for Ermanno Cristini, riss(e), Varese, 2022; Travel Diary, snark.art, 2021; Domani Qui Oggi, collateral event of Quadriennale 2020, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, 2020; Artagon Live, Villa Radet, Paris, 2019; GQ-Passion for the path of art, Galleria Cardi, Milan, 2019; BienNoLo, Milan, 2019; Biennale UK Young Artist, Nottingham, 2019; Non sto più nella pelle, Brescia, 2019; m’ama non m’ama, t-space studio, Milan, 2019; Vanno e vengono dalle mie mani, riss(e), Varese, 2018; Tirarsi fuori, Galleria P420, Bologna, 2017; Nel deserto cresce la ginestra, Galleria Renata Fabbri, Milan, 2015. She has participated in numerous awards: she won the Arte Laguna Special Prize – Villa Rechsteiner Residency (2022); the Opera Viva Prize – The Manifesto (2020), the Combat Prize (2019), the O.R.A. Prize (2019), the Nocivelli Prize (2018); she was also among the finalists for the Laguna Prize (2022), the Exibart Prize (2021), the Francesco Fabbri Prize (2021), and the Arteam Prize (2018). Art residencies include Dialogos Part Six, Nairobi, Kenya (2022); Synchronicity, Hangzhou, China (2016).

The event is part of the Contemporary Day calendar

The performance takes place in the classical ceramics hall.

All visitors to the Museum may participate in the performance.

The participation to the event is free admission, by reservation only

0546 697311, info@micfaenza.org.

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