Talks Joy of Drinking – Andrea Gaucci

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Andrea Gaucci: Form is substance. Memory of the ancient in the contemporary production of ceramics for drinking

Memory and production are closely related fields. The transmission of “making” from a craftsman to his apprentice presupposes the exercise of direct memory due to the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next. What happens when these processes seem to cross millennia? In the case of ceramics, modern production can take inspiration from ancient technologies and forms. Some examples of contemporary ceramic forms influenced by classical antiquity will allow us to investigate the motivations that drive modern ceramists to draw on knowledge and models so distant from their daily experience.

The journey to discover the consumption of wine and water through ceramics proposed by the exhibition “Joy of Drinking” continues at MIC in Faenza with the “Talks Joy of Drinking”.

From February 8 through April 23, eight lectures given by the exhibition’s curators (and others) explore the themes already developed in the exhibition.

Free admission with super green pass and reservations.

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