Talks Joy of Drinking – Giuseppe Sassatelli

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Giuseppe Sassatelli: Wine and Eros among Etruscans. Commonplaces and historical knowledge

In their artistic production, in particular in painted tombs, Etruscans give ample space to wine and to its consumption, as well as to Eros and its practices, a behavior which is badly understood and misrepresented in the collective imagination. The most recent studies allow to give a precise explanation to their insistence on wine and eros, both deeply connected to their conception of death and afterlife as well as to their social and religious ideology.

The journey to discover the consumption of wine and water through ceramics proposed by the exhibition “Joy of Drinking” continues at MIC in Faenza with the “Talks Joy of Drinking”.

From February 8 through April 23, eight lectures given by the exhibition’s curators (and others) explore the themes already developed in the exhibition.

Free admission with super green pass and reservations.

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