What to do in Faenza

Pro Loco Faenza

The town tourist information point where you can find suggestion about accommodation, where to eat, information on events and itineraries and book guided tours to historical venues.

Ente Ceramica

Founded in 1977, the association brings together ceramists, potters and restorers from Faenza, safeguards them, promotes them and organises events. Contacts of all ceramic workshops available on the website.

Palazzo Milzetti

A treasure of Italian neoclassical art. The palace, built by Giuseppe Pistocchi (1744-1814) in the last decade of the 18th century on commission of Count Nicola Milzetti and decorated by Felice Giani, is a wonderful example of neoclassical art, unique in Europe.

Buongiorno Ceramica

Every year in spring, the AiCC (Italian Association of Ceramics Cities) organises this simultaneous event throughout Italy to promote and enhance the Italian ceramic workshops.


The centre (Faenza Art Ceramic Center) organises many workshops every year to teach ceramic techniques and hosts residencies of ceramic artists from all over the world.

Carlo Zauli Museum

Dedicated to Carlo Zauli, one of the most important ceramic sculptors in Italy, the museum houses, in the artist’s studio, two permanent collections: one dedicated to the sculptor’s works of art and one to works of contemporary artists.

Town Art Gallery

Founded in 1797, it is the oldest museum in Faenza and one of the oldest in Emilia-Romagna. It houses 200 works of art divided into two sections: the Ancient Collection and the Modern Art Gallery: from Donatello to the artists of the Cenacolo Baccariniano and the Italian 20th century.

Gatti Museum

Founded in 1998, it shows the rarest ceramic works by the ceramist Riccardo Gatti from 1908, when he did not yet have his own workshop, through futurist ceramics, to the last years of his life.

Museum of the Risorgimento (Italian Unification)

Inside Palazzo Laderchi, one of the most important neoclassical buildings in the city, the museum displays prints, photographs, paintings, proclamations, flags, uniforms and various relics of the Faenza Risorgimento in which the Laderchi counts took an active part.

Tramonti Museum

In the house-workshop that the ceramist Guerrino Tramonti had built and where he worked from 1958 to 1992, the year of his death, the museum exhibits around 390 works that reflect his artistic career.

MAP – Open Air Museum

A route through the streets of the town to discover the ceramic sculptures and monuments located outdoors.

Events in Town

Faenza is a lively town and very active in the cultural field. Everyday people can enjoy events, exhibitions, concerts and any kind of cultural activities Find out the events here

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