The MIC is much more than just a museum: it is a documentation and research centre. Studies on ceramics are carried on and published in the scientific review “Faenza” , the ceramic heritaged is the subject of cataloguing, scientific care and conservation.

Ceramic Restoration

The MIC has an in-house laboratory that deals exclusively with the preservation and restoration of ceramic materials. Restoration courses for the University of Bologna – Ravenna department – are held there.

Photographic Archives

The MIC is equipped with a photographic laboratory that is flanked by the Archive of images of works from MIC collection

Faenza Review

Since 1913, the MIC has published the review ‘Faenza’ every year, it offers the widest repertoire of historical studies on the art of ceramics.


In our repositories we keep 80% of our collections of about 45,000 works. The deposits thus represent “a museum within a museum”, a mine always available to researchers, scholars and restorers.