With an important loan of numerous pieces from its collection, the MIC of Faenza participates in the exhibition Drop by drop life falls from the sky. Water, Islam and Art at the museum of the Islamic civilization in Sharjah United Arab Emirates. The exhibition, which will remain on display until December 11 2021, opened on June 9, and was organised by the Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) in collaboration with Fondazione Torino Musei.

The exhibition explores the relationship and intricate developments between Islam and water, in the first ever collaboration between Sharjah and Turin. This common action wants to evidence the common heritage that links Italy to the Arab-Islamic world.

Among the 120 works of art, 31 come fom MIC Faenza collections, some of them are very important works for the history of the Oriental ceramics, such as the Tile in the shape of a star, Iran production(1282-1283), a Dish belonging to the Iznik production in Turkey (last quarter 16th century), an amphora of Manises production (Valencia, Spain, c. 1480-1530) and a Jingdezhen Jug (China, 18th century).


The four sections of the exhibition: The Blessings of Water and Islam, Water and Everyday Life, Hammams, and Traditional Gardens, collectively illustrate the historical development of the many roles played by water in everyday life, and represent the artistic embodiment of this element in the forms and purposes of Arab and Islamic arts and artefacts.

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