We have just published, within the European project CERDEE, the “Interactive catalog of Faenza ceramics”.

This is an important research support tool for ceramic designers and entrepreneurs. It has been realized by the MIC Faenza in collaboration with a teacher and a student of the ISIA University. It collects the essential shapes and decorations of the Faenza ceramic tradition, a source of knowledge and inspiration for the cultural and creative industries.

The interactive catalog allows you to explore the history of Faenza ceramics, from the Middle Ages to the 21st century, through the works in our museum. A journey through the forms and decorations of the different centuries, with the possibility of deepening the various stylistic typologies through synoptic tables, images and visualizations of the works at 360°.

An en easy-to-use guide to support creatives, artisans and enthusiasts who approach the knowledge of the great world of ceramics.

Happy reading!


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