Between the Rows. Workshop by Daniela Mangini and Alfredo Gioventù dedicated to Bruno Munari

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In this workshop we discover the vocation of gray stones with white stripes, typical of the beaches of Liguria that inspired Bruno Munari, to be transformed into subjects of art and education. When we find a stone that attracts us we take it in our hands, run through its shape, lines and marks, and become tiny as he becomes a space to explore: it is the trigger of a process that indulges the gaze and the imagination and becomes a tale.

We thus discover that the signs that fascinate us and tell the story of the stone can tell other stories, our own, with different graphic techniques.


Data Sheet

– discovery and observation of the aesthetic characteristics of gray stones with white veins – theoretical introduction with image display

– Drawing workshop using b/w prints, stroke pen, colors, scissors, different types of paper, cardboard and transparent sheets

– layout of the papers

Number of participants: max. 20 people

Cost: 10 euros per person

Info and reservations: 0546697311,



Daniela Mangini and Alfredo Gioventù daily walk along the shoreline of Riva Trigoso, in the footsteps of Bruno Munari, drawing from the same stones he recounted in the book “Da lontano era un isola” the aesthetic suggestions of their artistic journey.

Thus was also born a didactic proposal articulated in several ateliers, conceived treasuring the lesson of Bruno Munari, aiming at the goal of disseminating the contents and processes of contemporary art particularly attentive to environmental issues and genius loci. Daniela Mangini is production manager for galleries and concept stores at Opificio Ceramico Alfredo Gioventù. He is involved in educational workshops and training workshops, ateliers for schools and museums, aimed at all age groups and people with disabilities, experimenting with paths related to contemporary art, languages of nature and clay. With A. Gioventù, he conceived and led, from 2010 to 2020, the project “ArTura _ Territories between Art and Nature _ Torre dei Doganieri,” which collected and connected nature-related artistic research from different territories with exhibitions and cultural events. He is leading expressive paths with ceramics for people with severe disabilities, conducts workshops for the educational sector of the Museums of Genoa and Sestri Levante, and teaches at the Primary School of Camogli and Recco.

Alfredo Gioventù was a student of Mario Lodi at the Vho School. In 1982 he began his artistic journey using the expressive potential of ceramic materials to investigate the aesthetics of nature and its languages. His works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in museums and art galleries, and he has created monuments and public works. He is recognized as one of the masters of contemporary Italian ceramics. He has enriched his artistic activity with different educational experiences, being interested in the relationship between Genius Loci and art and in the dissemination of models of active teaching and workshops for all school age groups. He collaborated with M. Lodi and was a member of the Scientific Committee for the centennial celebration of Mario Lodi’s birth (1922-2022).

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