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To celebrate the work of artist Panos Tsolakos, who sadly passed away recently, MIC Faenza, Liceo Torricelli Ballardini -art department, CNA Formazione Emilia Romagna, ISIA FAenza and Museo Carlo Zauli Faenza are dedicating a series of exhibitions and events to him.

On April 23, at 5.30, in the Project Room the Faenza MIC, two days after what was supposed to be his 90th birthday, will inaugurate an exhibition displaying works belonging to our collection-remember that Panos participated several times in the Faenza Prize, winning first prize in 1971 (pictured) and coming second in 1964-and a selection of ceramics made by students of the Faenza 2022/23 IFTS – Ceramic Product Technician course with Panos Tsolakos during the Technological Laboratory and Decoration classes with teachers Francesco Scocca, Marco Tadolini and with Aida Bertozzi.

The artistic, educational and cultural project conceived by Viola Emaldi opened last October with the public presentation of the work Caleidos, a permanent ceramic modular work, installed on the wall, made with modules by Panos Tsolakos on a compositional and chromatic project by the students of the Liceo of Art and Design, set up in the entrance hall on Via San Nevolone of the Faenza High School of Art, to which were added two lectures at ISIA Faenza given by the faculty on the theme of stoneware during this academic year 2023/24 and will conclude with an event, at the end of the year, at the Carlo Zauli Museum in Faenza where a small publication documenting the entire project will be presented.


Born in 1934 in Chalkis, Greece, Panos came to Faenza in 1960 on a scholarship and has not left our city since, becoming a leading figure in contemporary ceramic sculpture, not only in the area.

After attending the Art Institute for Ceramics and Carlo Zauli’s studio, his artistic research has always focused on stoneware as a material and glazing techniques through the use of ashes and open flame, which characterize his sculptures with flamings, thick glaze drippings and deformations.

In 1964 he participated for the first time in the International Competition of Ceramic Art in Faenza, placing second. In 1971 he won the Faenza Prize and first prize in the International Competition for Ceramics in Gualdo Tadino.

In 1972 his works were featured at the Venice Biennale.

In the same year, he began a long collaboration with Ceramica Iris by designing the ‘Logos’ series of floor and wall tiles. Of note, the 2004 work, a third-fire stoneware and gold column made for the Athens Olympics, placed in Maroussi.

In the last years of his life he loved teaching and collaborating with students at the Faenza High School of Art and IFTS.

Some of his works are on display at the MIC in Faenza.

His latest work “Caleidos,” made with students from the Liceo artistico and ISIA Faenza High School in 2023, is set up in the entrance hall of Faenza’s Liceo Artistico on Via San Nevolone.

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