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As part of “I’m coming too. For a knowledge without barriers” review organized and coordinated by the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna, which invites reflection on the role of culture and the spaces that promote it, including from contingent events, the publication “Do it right” is presented. How it was possible to recover 1800 works of art after the 2023 flood at the Tramonti Museum in Faenza written by Milena Camposano Tramonti with Claudia Cincotti.

“Do right” are the words Marco Tramonti often heard from his mother, Mrs. Arpalice. But “Do something to do the good of others” is also the extraordinary service rendered by the volunteers who rushed from different regions of Italy. Their contribution changed the course of seemingly fateful events, making what seemed lost forever flourish again from the mud.

The book recounts how Professor Maria Cristina Carile, Coordinator of the Department of Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna based in Ravenna, who was deeply affected by the tragedy, contacted the Tramonti Museum in the very difficult days of the post-flood period to offer her help and make available students and professors from the graduate program she chairs. In the first phase, the intervention was offered on a voluntary basis and then with decentralized classes at the Tramonti Museum where faculty and students worked to secure the recovered works.

Milena Camposano, from Ravenna by birth and from Faenza by adoption, experiences the flood in the Tramonti House Museum, where she lives with her husband Marco, son of the artist Guerrino; Claudia Cincotti, a volunteer from Ferrara, archaeologist and literature teacher. Together they write the “virtuous history” of art saviors.

In collaboration with DPC – Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna.

The event is also included in the Buongiorno Ceramica 2024 calendar.

Institutional greetings

Cristina Ambrosini – Emilia Romagna Region

Niccolò Bosi – Municipality of Faenza

Claudia Casali – Director MIC Faenza


Luca Ciancabilla – DBC


Maria Cristina Carile – DBC

Mariangela Vandini – DBC

Milena Tramonti – Guerrino Tramonti Museum

Cinzia Oliva – Restorer of antique textiles University of Turin

Dimitri Degli Angeli -Gruppo Archeologico Cesenate

Simona Lombardi – Restorer

Rodolfo Bertozzi – Mario Bertozzi House Museum

Paolo Trioschi – Mar Ravenna


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The invitation to the presentation does not include access to the Museum.

The book will also be presented at theRavenna City Art Museum-Mar(Saturday, April 20, 4:30 p.m.) and the Capuchin Museum in Bagnacavallo (Tuesday, May 28, 6 p.m.).

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